How Is Your Money Secured And Protected?

Your money is important to LC&F and that is why we take every step to ensure that your investment is secure.

A strict due diligence process

  • LC&F conducts due diligence checks on borrowing companies to ensure that borrowers can meet their loan commitments and have sufficient security for the requested loan (maximum loan to value is 75%, i.e. for a loan of £75,000 a company would need to provide £100,000 of acceptable assets as security) and maintains a close relationship with its borrowers to ensure they can continue to meet their loan commitments. The directors believe that because of this approach, to date (as at 30/05/2017), none of its borrowers have defaulted on their loans.

LC&F has the right to recover any loan

  • If a borrowing company cannot repay the loan then LC&F has the legal right to sell the assets of the borrowing company which were provided as security.

Minimizing risk

  • Your investment with LC&F is in the entire loan book, rather than just one loan, this results in your risk being spread across all borrowing companies.

Charge over the assets of LC&F

  • LC&F has appointed an independent security trustee to hold a charge over LC&F (which includes the £256m of assets secured against LC&F’s loan book), by way of a debenture. The Security Trustee has been given the power to act in the interest of all investors if LC&F is not able to meet its commitments.

Bond holder funds are secured by a charge over the assets of LC&F and all borrowing companies.

London Capital & Finance Plc has appointed an independent Security Trustee who holds the security on behalf of the investor.


Fixed return of 8.0%, 6.5% and 3.9%
per annum.

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