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Other Bonds

London Capital & Finance Plc has issued another bond not available to investors via this website (the “Additional Bond”). The Additional Bond issue amounting to £25,000,000 has been offered to a single investor. The money raised from the Additional Bond is to be used for the same purposes as the amounts raised from the bonds on this website (the “Website Bonds”), and the investor in the Additional Bond will benefit from the same security arrangements as the Website Bonds (as described in more detail in the ‘Security’ section of this website).

London Capital & Finance Plc may also issue from time to time further bonds not available via this website (the “Further Bonds”). Money raised from the issue of Further Bonds will again be used for the same purposes as the money raised from the Website Bonds, and holders of Further Bonds will benefit from the same security as holders of the Website Bonds and the holder of the Additional Bond.

The existence of the Additional Bond, and the future issue of any Further Bonds, does not affect your legal position as a holder of the Website Bonds. You remain entitled to the return associated with the respective Website Bond, as set out in this website and in the relevant brochure.