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Fixed Rate Bonds and ISAs

The Financial Conduct Authority has directed London Capital & Finance plc to withdraw all of its existing marketing materials in relation to LCF`s Fixed Rate ISA and Bond.

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Update Tuesday 22nd January 2019

With respect to the announcement on 28 December 2018 by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) that it is conducting an investigation into the affairs of London Capital and Finance plc (LCF), the board of directors of LCF has invited the Security Trustee, Global Security Trustees Limited (GST), to step in to assist in the management of the business of LCF for the time being. This invitation was made by the LCF board as being in the best interests of the bondholders. GST has accepted that invitation as being in the bondholders best interests.
We will provide more information as soon as possible as it becomes available.

Update Wednesday 16th January 2019

London Capital & Finance Plc have no further information to publish on the ongoing FCA investigation at this time.

We continue to assist the FCA with their enquiries.

Going forward we will endeavour to update the website weekly, the next update is expected to be posted on Wednesday 23rd January 2019. However, if there are any significant developments these will be made available as soon as possible.

Update 3 January 2019

LCF and Global Security Trustees Limited, the security trustee, have today sent a letter to all bondholders updating them on the current position. A copy of the letter can be accessed here.

Update 2 January 2019

On 28 December 2018 the FCA published 'Information for London Capital and Finance PLC investors' (the 'Information') on the FCA website . This notified investors that the FCA was conducting an investigation into the affairs of LCF and had imposed certain requirements on LCF, notably that LCF may not without FCA consent deal in any way with its assets, including the money held in LCF's bank accounts. The Information includes a short series of questions and answers to which readers of this website are referred for further details.

The directors of LCF appreciate that the Information, coupled with the earlier direction given by the FCA to LCF to withdraw all its marketing materials relating to its Fixed Rate ISA or Bond, is likely to cause considerable anxiety to LCF bondholders and borrowers. The directors of LCF are committed to providing LCF bondholders and borrowers with updates on the position whenever it is appropriate to do so. However, bondholders and borrowers should appreciate that there is a limit to what LCF staff can say, both because they may not know the answer to the question asked and for legal reasons. That said, LCF will be liaising closely with the FCA with the aim of providing borrowers and bondholders with as much information as possible.

At present, LCF remains unable to carry on any activity relating to its bonds, although it aims to answer all queries from bondholders, subject to the constraints outlined above. Bondholders may call LCF on 0800 410 1155 and speak to a member of LCF staff. LCF is currently experiencing high volumes of calls so there may be a delay in getting through.

In the meantime, the following short series of questions and answers deals with the questions LCF believes will be most frequently asked by borrowers and bondholders.

Why is the FCA taking this action at this point in time?
This is a question best put to the FCA, but it would appear that the FCA has concerns about the ways in which the LCF bonds have been marketed and how that may affect the business of LCF.

I am an LCF bondholder. Will I get my money back?
LCF aims to resume payments of principal and interest to bondholders as soon as possible. It is working on a way to do this which will satisfy the FCA. However at present no payments to bondholders can be made.

Can LCF bondholders claim compensation if they do not receive all their money back?
No. As explained in the marketing material relating to the LCF bonds, the bonds are not covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS).

I am an LCF borrower. What will happen to my loan?
It may be as part of the process of ensuring that payments to bondholders can resume, borrowers will make repayments of their loans to LCF earlier than was intended when those loans were originally made. However, discussions with borrowers about this possibility are still at a very early stage, and any changes to repayment would only be made if these were mutually beneficial to both borrowers and bondholders. Both LCF and the Security Trustee on behalf of the bondholders are well aware of the desirability of replacement funding to be in place if early repayment of LCF loans were to occur, and that this is likely to take a reasonable period of time to achieve.

What happens next?
LCF is cooperating fully with the FCA's investigation, but at this point in time LCF cannot say how long the investigation might last or what the outcome might be. LCF will use this website to update bondholders and borrowers on developments when it is appropriate to do so.

Update 27 December 2018

As you will see from the direction from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) mentioned above, London Capital & Finance plc (LCF) has been required to withdraw all existing marketing material in relation to its Fixed Rate ISA or Bond. We are currently considering, in conjunction with the FCA, the steps that LCF can take going forward.

In the meantime, LCF is unfortunately unable to make any further loans to borrowers at present, or to make payments of principal or interest to bondholders.

For the avoidance of any doubt, LCF would wish to stress that at the date of this notice no borrower has defaulted on loans made to it and the security taken in respect of each borrower loan remains in place.

LCF will shortly be writing to all bondholders and will update this notice whenever there is a significant development to report.