Who Are LC&F And What Is Our History?

London Capital & Finance Plc was created as the result of joint consultation with local government leaders, bank representatives and the Directors of London Capital & Finance to identify the funding requirements of UK based SMEs, to determine how these could be satisfied and to stimulate economic growth. The findings concluded that there is a significant short-fall in the availability of corporate funding for these ventures, creating an ideal opportunity for a privately backed entrant to the market to fulfil this demand.

London Capital and Finance plc is a commercial lender that is seeking to help support UK businesses with the provision of credit whilst at the same time providing investors with an attractive return on their investment. Borrowing companies must provide adequate security and undergo a strict due diligence process. Profits from the lending fees and interest on the loans is used to pay investors their fixed return.

Opportunity for LC&F clients

The Directors of LC&F believe that the disparity between the demand for finance from SMEs and the availability of that finance has created an opportunity for both LC&F and private investors.

LC&F has developed a business model whereby it raises money from private investors by issuing secured bonds to those investors and uses the proceeds of the issue of those bonds to make loans to SMEs on a secured basis. This provides private investors with the opportunity to earn returns by investing in the bonds issued by LC&F and it enables LC&F to help meet the lending demand from the SME sector.

LC&F has spent the last two years successfully proving this concept on a small scale.

The Directors believe LC&F is now ready to expand its operations by issuing more bonds in order to raise additional finance thereby enabling it to increase the number and value of loans it makes to the SME sector.

LC&F has, using the network contacts its Directors have developed over their careers, been able to develop relationships with numerous professionals in the financial, accounting and legal professions. It is confident that, using these relationships, it will be able to source additional lending opportunities, which will enable it to deploy the proceeds of further bond issues. The loans arising from those lending opportunities can be made to SMEs on commercially competitive terms which, at the same time, provide that the interest payable pursuant to these loans is sufficient to enable LC&F to service its obligations pursuant to the bonds issued by it and to generate a profit for LC&F and its clients.