Who is London Capital & Finance Plc?

London Capital & Finance Plc (LC&F) was established in 2012 as a commercial lender that supports UK companies with funding to grow their businesses. LC&F has developed a successful business model whereby it raises money from investors through issuing secured bonds and uses the proceeds of those bonds to loan funds on a secured basis. This proven business model provides investors with an attractive return on their investment as well as enabling LC&F to meet the funding demands of the UK business community.

Why you should chose LC&F

100% track record of repaying interest and principal payments (as at 30/11/2017)

  • All interest payments and principal payments have been paid to investors on time.

In excess of £103 million invested with over £256 million worth of borrowers' assets held as security.

  • Investors capital is less than 30% of the security which protects it. Figures as at 30/11/2017

Satisfied customers

  • LC&F has received hundreds of positive reviews from customers on an independent review website

LC&F is a successful and expanding commercial lender

  • Currently has over 7,000 investors (at 30/11/2017) and an increasing loan book in excess of £103m
  • Since 2012 LC&F has lent out over £108m, £42m in loans have been repaid since 2012 and the repaid funds have been successfully re lent to other borrowers (at 30/11/2017)

Peace of mind

  • LC&F offers a hands-on approach every step of the funding lifecycle from overseeing the raising of capital via bonds, hand picking companies it chooses to lend to, monitoring borrowers’ performance, collecting loan repayments and finally distributing interest and capital back to investors.
  • LC&F’s stringent criteria for lending and ongoing monitoring have ensured that none of the loans it has made have ever defaulted (as at 30/11/2017).

LC&F has issued several series of bonds

  • LC&F issue mini bonds paying fixed interest over a defined period to its investors. Each series can have up to £50 million invested before the next series is issued.

3 Year Income Bond

  • Investment Term: 3 Year
  • Annual 8.0% Interest
  • Interest Paid Quarterly
  • Full Asset Backed Security
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"Very competent and precise company. Making sure you are aware of all aspects of their investment policies . I am very happy to have invested with this company!"

Dorothy, Edinburgh

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